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Carpathian Mountains Tour


A trip round Western Ukraine is full of discoveries and surprises which turn out to be part of never ending adventure...

If you admire dreaminess of Old Europe it can be encountered in the very centre of Lvov, in the streets of Ivano-Frankovsk and certain parts of Chernivtsi the splendid architecture of which looks like the embodiment of Vienna Waltz. Or you can discover fabulous samples of European defensive construction- Palanok Castle, Khotyn Castle,for example or churches of different historical epochs...
Your journey will be all surrounded by beautiful mountain regions of Zakarpattia where you will enjoy amazing landscapes, discover ethnical places, meet extraordinary people, learn their culture and cuisines.
Have a nice Carpathian Mountains Tour!

* * * * *

Dear Visitors,

We are glad to invite you to stay at the Modern resort called Morshin while having  Carpathian Mountains Tour
Morshin is a small resort town which is approximately 85 km away from Lvov. It is a famous centre of the historic Halychyna region. This city is real paradise for vacationers.
rivers, lakes, dense forest belts, fields in bloom, shady parks, crystal-clear air and all surrounded by mountains so each single day we will be having interesting trips to historical places ( and not only) which situated on the beautiful Carpathian region. Do not forget to click on links to see more pictures and information of  each place of visitin.

Carpathian - DAY 1

Meeting at Boryspol or Odessa Airport and a car transfer to Kiev or Odessa downtown
Free time for exploring Kiev or Odessa
Optional Kiev or Odessa Excursion 

Optional meeting at Lvov international airport
Free time ( if have some) for exploring Lvov or Optional Lvov Excursion
Car transfer from Lvov to the city of Morshin ( about 1 hour)
Accommodation at 3 stars Morshin Hotel ( learn more about the Hotel we offer)

 Carpathian - DAY 2

Discovering Carpathian Region- Lake Synevir trip

Schedule is up to the guest prefernces

The trip can start  at 9:30 am and end  up at 6:30 pm or  start at 2.30 pm and end up at 11.00 pm
- 9:30 am breakfast at the hotel. Free time 
- 1:30 pm lunch at the hotel
- 2.30 pm leaving  hotel and  going through Carpathian Region 
- 4:00 pm having a great observation ride on a cable-way to see all the beauty of Carpathian Mountains
- 5.30 pm  arriving at a Lake Synevir, having an observation excursion around it..


- 7:00 pm dinner at the ethnic Ukrainian ( Hucul) restaurant. we are to taste local trout, white mushroom soup, ukrainian cheese and many other tasty national dishes 
- 8:00 pm  going to the hotel

 Carpathian - DAY  3

A trip to Historical ancient city LVIV
Lvov is a city of ancient legends and myths, kings and artisans, carved lions and forged gates, a city of fascinating history
- 9:00 am- breakfast at the hotel
- 9:30 am- Car transfer From Morshin to Lvov
- 11:00 am Glimpses of Lvov.
A ride  on a funny tram to explore the best architectural monuments in the heart of Lvov
English-speaking guide and admission tickets included
duration about 40 minutes.
- 12: 00 pm Observation excursion in the heart of the city- MARKET SQUARE
- 12:30 pm visiting museum called "Korniakt Palace"
- 1:00 pm  visiting Armenian Cathedral
- 1:30 pm visiting Dominical Cathedral
- 2:00 pm lunch time
- 3:00 pm going to Museum of Ukrainian folk architecture
- 4:00 pm visiting a little cozy cafe, where they make    real Vienna chocolate and coffee 

* * *

- 4:40 pm visiting museum of modern arts or (optional ) the Cathedral of St. Yuriy or (optional)- having a dinner 
- 6:00 pm going to The Lviv  Opera and Ballet House , XIX century, to see an opera or ballet 
- 9:30 pm going back to Morshin, having a dinner at our hotel or having a dinner in Lvov Ukrainian  restaurant and then going back to Morshin

  Carpathian - DAY 4

An exclusive offer - traveling to the heart of Carpathian Region on horseback
You will be accompanied by professional horse coach.
All day long exploiting Beautiful Carpathian landscapes
Lunch is included
An excursion starts at 9:30 am and ends up at 6:30 pm
9:00 am - breakfast at the hotel
9:30 am - Car transfer From Morshin to Ivano-Frankivsk Region from where you start your horsehide.
During the trip you will be visiting the most exciting places   located in the heart of Carpathian Region:
- going through deep Carpathian forests
- visiting the Death Lake and Waterfall Kamyanka
- meeting local  people
At   lunch time you will be having tasty national Ukrainian dishes at the ethnical Ukrainian restaurant
6:00 pm   arriving at the hotel
6:30 pm- dinner at the hotel

trip on a horseback...winter trip pictures

Carpathian - 5 DAY

Mukachevo- Berehovo trip (bordering with Hungary)
An excursion starts at 7:00 am and ends up at 6:00 pm
- 7:00 am leaving  and  going through  beautiful Carpathian places.
9:00 am  breakfast in a small cozy ethnic Ukrainian place called Kolyba. 
  On our way we will have an opportunity of  wine-testing.   Great wines produced by local farmers, free wine-testing.
- 10:00 am our trip goes on... we are to visit castle Schonborn admission tickets to the yard are included but  there is no admission inside the castle nowadays


11:00 am we are to visit another castle- "Palanok" Mukachevo (bordering with Hungary) 
- 1:00 pm  taking a thermal bath in a big pool (a famous mineral source all over western Ukraine) Attention! this offer is optional!   You may  have a short round-up excursion around Mucachevo city instead
-  2:00 pm lunch time at a small cozy ethnic Hungarian place
- 3:00 pm on the way home 
- 6:15 pm arriving at the hotel
- 6:30 pm- dinner at the hotel

Carpathian - 6 DAY

Dovbush Rocks ( Ivano-Frankivsk Region) or Optional going to Goshiv Cloister
- 9:00 am breakfast at the hotel
- 9:30 am  leaving for the trip to Dovbush Rocks ( Ivano-Frankivsk Region)
- 1:00 pm arriving back at the hotel
- 1:30 pm lunch at the hotel
- 2:30- 4:30 pm- free time 
- 5:00 pm HUTSUL fun in Koliba 
 Going to the picturesque place not far from Morshin to learn about Carpathian people's traditions: Ukrainian dance, games, contests, tasty Ukrainian cuisine. (Dinner included) 
- 11:30 pm arriving at the hotel

Carpathian - 7 DAY

Kolomiya ( Ivano-Frankivsk Region)- the place of national Ukrainian arts. Yaremche - the beauty of Carpathian Ukraine
Downtown  attracts tourists with nice, tidy  streets, numerous buildings of the verge of ХIХ- ХХ c. with lavish secession or eclectic decoration
- 9:00 am breakfast at the hotel
- 9:30 am our trip to city Kolomiya ( Ivano-Frankivsk Region) starts
- 11:00 am visiting the Museum of Easter Eggs

Museum of Easter Eggs

- 11:30 am going to visit the Museum of Hutsulshchyna
- 12:00 am city sightseeing  :
The wooden church of Annunciation "Monastiryok", Ratusha( town Hall ), the House of Sokil Community e.t.c.
- 12:30 pm on our way to Yaremche - the beauty of Carpathian Region 
- 1:10 pm arrival at Yaremche.
The restaurant Hutsulshchina where you can be regaled delicious hutsul dishes is
near the waterfall in the traditional style of local folk architecture 
- 1:20 pm - lunch time
- 2:00 pm visiting the waterfall Yaremchenskiy Huk
- 4:30 pm visiting wooden church of Holy prophet Elijah ( on the way back )
- 7:00 pm arriving at the hotel 
- 7:30 pm dinner at the hotel

Carpathian - 8 DAY

9:00 am- breakfast at the hotel
Transfer to the airport