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Crimean Tour with Tours to Ukraine

  We are proud to offer another big trip to Ukraine! Welcome to the South of Ukraine, extraordinary land of the Crimea.

If you ever visited Ukraine you could not have missed that land though we guarantee that with our company you will see what big groups usually miss out.

A trip around the Crimean Peninsula will surprise you with its unique collision of ancient and modern history, mountains and the sea, steppes and rocks, cave monasteries and palaces.

A full trip will take 8 days and we will just touch upon the most interesting landmarks, as you can easily spend   a month in the Crimea and be never bored or tired to discover new sights and get new experience.

 You will be able to explore remnants of Scythian Capital Naples in Simferopol (III c. BC- IV c. AD), cave monasteries and abandoned towns of Bakhchisaray area (Chufut- Kale VI-XVIII cc.) and Inkerman(St. Clement \'s monastery, Kalamita town IV-XVII).

You will be astonished by the remnants of ancient Greek town (Polis) of Chersonese 422-21 AD where Prince Volodymyr was baptized and wed with Byzantium princess Anna in 988  (Sevastopol) and  ancient Greek town of Pantikapey VII c. BC ( Kerch).

 Glory of Russian Arms can be felt in   Sevastopol (founded in 1783)with its Painted Panorama of Great Sevastopol Battle of 1854 , best described by Leo Tolstoy and  a secret Soviet military nuclear submarine plant of the times of Cold War ( 1957) which is now open for observation ( Balaklava). You will be amazed by a necklace of beautiful palaces of the 19th century, including the famous Livadiya palace (Big Yalta), Voronzov Palace ( Alupka) with its landscape park, Massandra, former residence of Russian Tsars and numerous wineries , medieval fortresses of Chembalo ( Balaklava) and Sudak .... All these make up a shortened list of sights   which you simply MUST see if you are there.

Add up pure mountain or steppe air mixed up with the forest or sea breathing, tender waves patting the ancient rocks and you will feel a desire to have this life experience had.

Dear Visitors,

 Our full Crimean Tour covers all parts of the Crimea so we will stay in each of 4 key cities (Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta and Sudak) for several days, explore local sights and move on. It will help us  reduce daily driving time and cost.

  DAY 1

Meeting you at Simferopol train station or airport. Transfer to the hotel \"Ukraina\"

 As an option you can order a car transfer to Simferopol from any city or town in Ukraine (additional expenses, not included into the tour price).

If you do not arrive too late we can have an observation walking tour round the capital of the Crimea on the first day upon your wish.

We can have a look at churches and mosques of the city, have a nice walk round Salgirka Park with the 18th century mansion  and Vorontsov\'s palace ( 1827), take a picture with the Tavrika oak which is 750 years old.

We can also visit the Republican Museum of Crimean Tatar Art (this museum can be visited the next day instead of one of the two museums)

 DAY 2
Simferopol (1783), the capital of the ancient Crimea

- 9:00 am Breakfast at the hotel.

- 9:30 am Discovering remnants of the capital of Small Scythia called Naples (III c. BC - IV c AD).

- 11:00 am Visiting the Crimean Republican  Museum of Local Lore with its unique collection of archeological artifacts, paintings and books  
- 1:30 pm lunch at ALEXO  Italian restaurant, 6/13Adzhimushkaya Lane
- 2.30 pm Visiting the Crimean Ethnographical Museum to find out about 13 nations and ethnical groups populating the Crimean peninsula, their material customs and traditions
- 5.00 pm  Free time. You can have a little dessert in Paris Cafe
- 7:00 pm Visiting the performance at the Crimean Tatar Theatre of Musical drama
- 9:00 pm Transfer back to the hotel

  DAY  3 
A trip to ancient city of Yevpatoriya
Yevpatoriya  is a city founded at the site of  ancient Greek city Kerkenitida ( 6th c BC- 3 c AD) and of medieval city Gezlev  founded in 1475.
- 9:00 am- breakfast at the hotel
- 9:30 am- Car transfer from Simferopol to Yevpatoriya
- 10:30 am City Tour.
 Explore remnants of ancient Greek city Kerkenitida (6th c BC- 3rd c AD) and of medieval city Gezlev founded in 1475.  

- 2:00 pm Lunch at the Kareem national cuisine restaurant
- 3:00 pm Visiting different temples and The Kareem cultural center

- 8:30 pm going back to Simferopol

  Day 4

 -8:30 am  Early breakfast at the hotel. Checking out

- 9:00 am  Driving  to Bakhchysaray .

-10:00am  Visiting Khan\'s Palace. 

-1:00 PM Lunch at Meraba restaurant, Tatar cuisine

-2:30pm -6pm Excursion to Cave Monasteries and cave cities of MANHUP

Driving to Sevastopol. Checking in Guest House KT  



Day 5 

-9:00am    Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

-10:00am Visiting Chersonese Historical Reserve where Prince Vladimir was baptized in 946

-1:00 pm  Lunch

-2:00pm Driving to Balaklava to visit the ex secret Soviet a- submarine plant where museum is located now.

-6:00pm Coming back to Sevastopol. Visiting DIORAMA War memorial.

 Enjoy evening stroll at the boulevard.

Day 6

-9:00am   Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

-10:00am Checking out for a leisurely drive to the Big Yalta. Stopping on the way to visit the FOROS church to admire the stunning view.

-1:00pm Lunch at one of Crimean Tatar national cuisine places.

 -4:00 pm Arrival at town Lyvadiya

 Checking into hotel Guesthouse SV Vinogradnaya Street 55, 98655 Livadiya

  Free time at the sea shore.

Yalta Views

Day 7

-9:00am  Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

-10:00am Visiting Lyvadiya Palace where Yalta conference of 1945 took place.

-12:00pm  Chekhov's house

-1:00pm Cable Car ride to Ay - Petri Mount. Lunch at Ay- Petri restaurant.

-3:00pm Visiting Alupka Vorontsov Palace and a landscape park, a masterpiece of 19th c. architecture

-6:00pm Walking near the Swallow\'s Nest  Castle on the rock to get breathtaking pictures.

 Day 8

-8:30am Early breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Checking out.

-9:30am Driving to Koktebel (14 km from Feodosiya)   with stops at Massandra  Tsar Palace and winery with wine degustation at its cellars ,

 Sudak Medieval fortress , Novyy Svet with Grotto of Shalyapin and landscape nature reserve.

-7:00pm Checking in U Kara-Daga Guest House   Nаberezhnaya Str.11A, 98186 Koktebel           

Day 9

-9:00am Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

-10:00am Driving to Feodosiya (founded in 6c BC by ancient Greeks).

-10:30am City tour: Ancient temples and churches, remnants of a medieval fortress.

-1:00pm Lunch

-2:00 pm  visiting famous Aivazovsky Art Gallery with marine scapes of 19th c. 

-4:00pm  free souvenir time

-7:00pm Back to the hotel


-9:00am  Breakfast. Checking out

Leaving for Simferopol or other city of departure. 

Transfers, tour-guiding, interpretation, accommodations, breakfasts, tickets to sights and museums included.

The tour is ideal for a romance or honeymoon trip or for a familly trip up to 5 people.

Price per day per person:155USD

We count 9 days-- Grand Crimean Tour is  1,395USD per person. Minimal number of people-2, maximum number of people-5.

This year we accept booking for this tour between July and September.

You can shorten or extend your trip. Just tell us beforehand!