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Dear guests and friends!

If you have bought or about to buy some property in Ukraine and are thinking of a delicate and extraordinary interior designer to embody your dream - we can help you here. Your Ukrainian office, apartment, summer house, hotel or villa will acquire its unique style with the help of our best designers.
Please visit our Interior Design Gallery to see how talented our designers are. New projects are placed on a regular basis

Bachelor's Apartment

Bachelor's apartment

Moorish Bathroom  
Moroccan Design is a unique blend of Islamic, African, and Berber Arts
The indented arch, wealth of mosaic, beautiful wooden lamp is a most charming feature of the design I represent in this bathroom. each room of this apartment is deigned in a different style.
so design for the bathroom is Moorish 

moorish bathroom

White room

white room

We can always agree on the price though usually it is 10 per cent of the property cost.