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Our Credentials

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Dave Gowland 25.06.2013, NZ

Hi Anzhelika,
I enjoyed the trip to the delta very much. The weather made it more interesting. Victoria was really good and is a special person, because of her I think it will be one of the days I remember most fondly from this holiday. Maybe she needs to speak a bit louder sometimes. Lol
I went to Sevastopol last week and think that instead of going to Lviv I will try and find my way to the Nuclear Missile Museum. That will be had for someone with my language skills. There seems to be no tours there apart from private cars though. Maybe something that you could start advertising.
Thank you for your help.


Thank you, Dave

You are right, Victoria is very special! Thank you for great feedback!

As for Missile Museum, are you talking about the one in Pervomaisk?

If yes, we can take you there.

I hope you will come back to us, bring your friends and design your own special trips, the trips wil not be too expensive !



John B Giesbrecht 14.12.2011, Vineland , On, Canada

I live in Vineland, On., Canada.  I have known Anzhelika since 1997 .

I have been traveling with Anzhelika and her husband since 2002 and highly recommend their services.
Please use my phone number as a reference +1 ( 905) 562 44 91.

I will gladly share my experience.

John B. Giesbrecht


Thank you, Mr Giesbrecht. Your reference is highly appreciated.

Anzhelika Kusnetsova

Tetyana Feliksik-Ryabovil 13.07.2011, the Hague (NL)

I have known Anzhelika and her husband for many years and can recommend them as honest professionals. I wish their business success.

Mike 11.07.2011, London

I liked my trip very much!
It was a super trip!