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Tours to Ukraine - Vacations in Eastern Europe Ukraine, Journey in Ukraine, Vacations in Ukraine
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Tours to Ukraine


Planning on an All inclusive Vacation or on a Tour to Europe or may be on a Honeymoon destination? You are most likely to think of  France, Spain, Austria or Swiss Alps. Why don’t you consider an option of fascinating Ukraine Vacation for a change?

Our Travel Agency Tours to Ukraine offers travel deals in Eastern Europe, Ukraine including Euro 2012 tour! Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe with the population of over 42 million people and the territory of more than 600,000 km2. It has beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage. The former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic got its independence on the ex USSR on the 24th of August, 1991. For over  twenty years of independence touristic industry has become one of the most profitable branches of Ukrainian economy and the service in Ukrainian hotels and restaurants as well as the quality of local roads have been improved drastically. These changes are making travel deals, offered by our company a desirable option. Your All inclusive Vacation in Ukraine will be bright, full of discoveries and delight. Your trip will be safe, educational and amusing.

 Sightseeing Travel with our company will be memorable and surprising. If you want to book some Interpreting Services in Ukraine, try our company as we are competitive in both quality and pricing. We have low prices on taxi transfers in Ukraine and if you buy our services as a package of sightseeing, interpreting and transfer you will save even more.

 Tours to Ukraine offers Individual as well as Small Group Tours  to Eastern Europe , Ukraine. We guarantee quality and safety.

As our most honored clients, we are here to meet your every need; to custom make YOUR trip just for YOU!  Whatever your goals may be, we are here to make sure your Journey in Ukraine will be even MORE than you ever hoped it could be!

If you have just a few days to do some sightseeing travel, or longer to indulge in any of our full tour packages, or if you’d like to combine any parts of our standard tour packages into your own custom-made package, we will make this happen just for YOU!  The bottom line:  YOU tell us what you want, and we will do this just for YOU!  Our goal is to make YOUR time the most memorable time you could possibly have while in Ukraine!

We can also offer you  unique and exciting tours which are not easily found elsewhere in Ukraine.  A few such tours include our  Back To Roots Tour, our Carpathian Tour, and our very exciting, Rafting in Ukraine tour.  Even if you have lived or toured in Ukraine recently, we guarantee that we will open your eyes at new sights and adventures you woud never have imagined.

Do you want an ecological excursion, or maybe historical sightseeing for a few days?  Do you want very active and exciting adventures, or a budget travel or do you desire to learn more about the history and culture of Ukraine  having travel excursions or would you like to do a little or a lot of each?

Travel Agency Tours to Ukraine is here at your service to see that your visit in this country is as full, complete and satisfying as you hope it will be.  And, this is far more economical and affordable than you think it might be for such full and personalized service. Ukraine Vacations will be something to be spoken of among your friends. Give us a call, or send us an email message and let us show you what we can do . . . . . just for YOU!



The Opera Awaits... we race The Opera Awaits... we race

We are happy to welcome you in Odessa for the II Odessa Opera International Arts Festival!

The Festival will take place on June 1-7, 2013 in the Odessa Opera, the mot beautiful building in Odessa and the best theatre in the south of Ukriane.

We offer an exlusive 7 day Odessa Tour that INCLUDES the opera tickets to  all seven events of the International Festival. Early booking will guarantee the best seats available

Please book the package over the phone--- +38067 9940137

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Additions to Ukrainian Art section Additions to Ukrainian Art section

Dear site visitors! Please check out Ukrainian Art section, especially Paintings section. We have come to an agreement upon cooperation  with one of the most prominent and promising Ukrainian artists Sergey Ushanov. Please enjoy some of his artwork.

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In case you buy one of our all inclusive tour our driver and one of two company owners will meet you at the airport, will be with you during your entire trip and get you back to the airport. One of our cars with the driver will be at your disposal.


Our tour package includes:

- Airport pick up;

- Transfer to your hotel;

- Accommodation;

- Breakfast;

- Tour guiding (interpreting while excursion is delivered by a specialist in a certain field, e.g. a biologist in Botanical garden);

- Compiling and calculating a tour / excursion for you (if changes are needed;

- Interpreting if needed;

- Some packages include taxi service between the cities;

- Airport drop off


We are a friendly team

we are

The company‘s drivable asset

We do remember the three magic words: service, service and service.
Our clients always come back to become our friends.


Order and timing for excursions can be subject to change but we will surely let you know if any changes occur.
We are talking here only about the Carpathian and Crimean Tour