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Travel packages

Our Travel Packages are a nice combination of Historical Sightseeing and Ecological Excursions.

Ukrainian territory has always been an intersection of cultures and historical migrations. The earliest artifacts related to the first human tribal cultures  and found on the territory of Ukraine in the Carpathian Mountains and the Crimea date back to 100 thousand years BC. Kizil Koba grotto, Chokurcha cave and Wolf grotto not far from Simferopol, the capital of the Crimea, are the examples of such places. Little town Anetovka II  located not far from Nikolayiv (Mykolayiv) has more than 1 million artifacts which are more than 18 thousand years old. Stone Grave in Zaporizhzhya area is considered to be Ukrainian Stonehenge  as for its mysteries and the fact that it had been used as a sacred place by many civilizations. Cimmerians and  Scythians lived in the south of Ukraine in VIII-IV cc. BC . The capital of King's Scythia was near the  place called Kamenka Dneprovska and later it was transferred to Naples  where Simferopol is located now.

You can explore both History and Culture of Ukraine as well as its breathtaking natural sights and landmarks. An all inclusive (so far but air tickets) concept makes Economical and Affordable Trip to Ukraine a wonderful reality.

 We provide:

-double or single accomodation
-3 meals
-all transfers by a comfortable sedan or van
-all excursions and admission tickets
-all interpreting and tour guiding

Personalized service is guaranteed!!!

Please contact us to get the price list. The prices depend on the destination. You tell us the route and the number of days and we put together your personal trip itinerary and send you the detailed pricing. We are flexible and can remove or add something on your list.