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Ukrainian Art

The first association coming to  mind when heard Ukrainian art is probably Folklore singing and embroidered shirts.

In reality Art is a rather sophisticated concept which can comprise virtually anything creative, from poetry to artistically made cakes. Ukrainian art is not an exception from the rule.Ukrainians are proud of its highly artistic movies, paintings, contemporary music and artistic photography.

We are about to enlist best samples of design, oil on canvas paintings and drawings,hand-made jewelry, artistic photography and video-art, local bakery, embroidery and knitting and contemporary music. You can surely order one of the beautiful items as a souvenir, arrange and enjoy your personal concert of Ukrainian contemporary or folklore music and have all that documented in pictures and video and them made into a memorable movie.

In this section we are about to unite lots of talented Ukrainian people in different fields of art.  The necessary conditions to be listed in our catalog are as follows :

  • The artist in a broad sense should be a Ukrainian resident;
  • He/she should  possess a real talent and represent the best of Ukrainian Art;
  • His/her  art should have a positive message to the people of the world and be a constructive not least destructive  artistic force;
  • His/her art should not be a kitsch kind of easy-and-fast-to-make stuff;
  • The site administration reserves the subjective right to admit or decline offers from the artists to join the site;
  • The site administration acts as an entrepreneur to the artists listed and represents their interests to the full;
  • The site administration has known  the artists listed on the site personally  for a substantial period of time;
  • The company interest is 10 per cent on each deal.