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Uman, Sofievka

Dear Visitors!

If you  ever loved  you would certainly understand Schen Pototskyy who created this park in the end of the 18th century as a gift of love to his precious wife Sofia Pototskaya. Every square meter of this  enormous masterpiece of gardening and landscape architecture was permeated with that feeling. Themes of Ancient  Greek Mythology remind us that life is temporary but love is eternal. Any season is beautiful here but spring in Sofievka strikes with diversity of colors. The most romantic tour of our site is waiting for you!

A full day trip to Uman town, Sofievka Landscape park

    7:00 am Breakfast at the hotel

    8:00 am Transfer to Uman town  ( about 3 hour drive)

    11:00 am Arrival at  Sofievka Landscape  Park . Excursion

    2:00 pm  Lunch at the park restaurant

    3:30 pm Visiting Museum of Sofievka Park with the original of sculptures. More park exploration

    6:00 pm Leaving Sofievka

    7:00 pm Stop on the way for  dinner at Ukrainian restaurant

   10 : 00 pm arrival back to Odessa