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Dear Visitors!

You will admire Ukrainian venice  with its numerous  birds and fish, rich history and nature. The first Old Believers were hiding here   in 1653 , then Don cossaks joined them in 1745 and  the cossaks from Zaporizhzhya  came  to that place in 1775 and called the settlement Vilkovo ( from Russian 'vilka" that is fork) . Nowadays Vilkovo is the center for the Danube Biosphere Nature Reserve which is listed with UNESCO nature reserves. .

A full day trip to Vilkovo town, Ukrainian Venice

    7:00 am Breakfast at the hotel

    8:00 am Transfer to Vilkovo town  ( about 3 hour drive)

    11:00 am Arrival to Vilkovo, walking tour round Viklovo , light brunch.

    12:00 am a boat trip around kanals and channels of the town and a trip to ZERO km of the Danube river.

    2:00 pm  Lunch on  one of the islands with local fish soup and fish grill

    3:30 pm Fishing ( as an option-- visiting  an old city of Ismail (1484) an hour drive)

    6:00 pm Dinner

    7:00 pm Transfer back to Odessa

   10 : 00 pm arrival back to Odessa